Big Rig Crashes into House

The facts are that a semi-tractor that was dead heading crashed through the yard of our client’s house on the corner of an intersection, tore through the kitchen and ended up at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom. It just missed a crib with an infant fast asleep next to the bed. … Want to guess what lead to the crash? Fatigue? Drinking alcohol? Speeding? Brake failure or other mechanical failure? – Well, if you guessed alcohol you guessed right.

This describes a case we were honored to help clients with a few years ago. The truck driver had decided to go bar hopping. Not a wise choice to drink and drive, but especially frowned upon if you have been given the privilege to be licensed to drive a semi-truck. Interestingly, aside from property damage the main injury was psychological and emotional. Imagine nightmares of a truck plowing through your home. Imagine reliving on a daily basis the sounds of walls ripping down and the roof collapsing around you. Imagine the smells of gas pouring out of broken gas lines running to the stove in the kitchen that no lays crumpled under the rear axles of a smoking grinding diesel engine puffing and roaring at the foot of your bed.

Why do we share this story? Because it is not just a news story … it happened to one of our clients. We worked long hours to help them obtain compensation for what happened to them. The financial impact of the crash extended beyond property loss and time off from work, but included years of psychological counseling.

If you have been involved in a crash with an eighteen wheeler on a highway or interstate in Indiana … or one plows through your house … and you and your family need help putting the pieces of your life back together, please give us a call at 1-219-736-9700.  Or contact us via chat or the free consultation form on our webpage.

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