Food Trucks: Food Poisoning, Explosions, and MVAs

Food trucks have become popular in recent years. You can find them parked in variously places around town, including at farmer’s markets and festivals. Many offer tasty and affordable food options, but what you may not realize is that these mobile cafés on wheels may pose some dangers as well.

Just as with eating at any other restaurant, there’s always a risk of getting food poisoning when eating food from a food truck. Foodborne illnesses such as listeria, norovirus, shigellosis, salmonella, and E. coli, can result in hospitalization, lost wages, and/or medical costs. Confirming the type of food poisoning through medical tests helps strengthen your case, as well as if a pattern can be established showing that other people who ate at the same food truck as you were also sickened by the same illness.

In addition to food poisoning risks, food trucks have been known to explode and injure and even kill people. The propensity for them to explode is due to the fact that many use propane tanks to power the cooking, and propane is highly flammable. If a propane tank starts to leak, the fire from the grills inside the truck can ignite the gas and cause a dangerous explosion that can send pieces of the vehicle flying out at bystanders as shrapnel.

Moreover, as more food trucks hit the road and are driven to and from different events, the number of motor vehicle accidents involving food trucks rises. Drivers of food trucks must obey the same rules of the road as everyone else, but may not be as experienced or trained in driving and maneuvering a larger, heavier vehicle.

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