Indiana Court System: A Covid 19 Update.

It’s been a few months since I wrote about the Coronavirus and I thought I would bring you up to speed on what is happening in the Indiana court system.

“We are closely monitoring” seems to be the phrase State and County officials are using in describing the Covid 19 pandemic. As if the media, social networks and your friends haven’t already given you the news already. But what is important to know is that on October 18, 2020, Governor Holcomb signed executive order 20-46 which states that “all individuals, businesses, entities and counties in the State shall remain in Stage 5 until 11:59 pm Saturday November 14, 2020, unless extended, modified or rescinded by me.”

But what is Stage 5?

Under a Stage 5 order, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, personal services, gyms, fitness centers and workout facilities may resume normal operations and at full capacity, albeit social distancing still must be observed.

Now you might be wondering how Stage 5 affects court cases, since in reality the Stage 5 mandate allows everything to open up.

Well, it would be nice to get everything back to normal again, but the courts are transitioning a bit cautiously. You see, although Indiana’s courts are open and continue to operate, court business is limited to the highest priority matters. Which translates to…they want to protect the most vulnerable among us, providing due process from criminal defendants and to promote safety.

Those seeking resolution to their injury cases are being invited to attend remote hearings using video conferencing apps. So even though you might not be in an actual courtroom, you still want to dress up and be presentable on video. <Click here for tips for attending remote court hearings>

Before the pandemic the court system ran like a well-oiled clock. Now, not so much. So patience is required, more now than ever. And technology as great as it is, fails to always work. As you can imagine, with the courts operating via remotely there is a backlog of cases that need to be heard and decided on. It’s not an easy task.

So why do I share this update with you?

I share it to give you an insight into what is going behind the scenes so to speak. A glimpse into why your case may be delayed or why the judge is asking you to now appear on video instead of in an actual courtroom. Our goal is to always keep you in the loop and to always be accessible with information you need regarding your case.

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