Choosing Legal Help | Car Crash

The phone rings. You answer. Then your heart gets heavy…you can’t breathe…it was the call you’ve dreaded since getting married. Your spouse was involved in a terrible automobile accident. The details are sketchy. The police say they are working on it. Millions of questions roll through your mind.

You get to the hospital only to find out your spouse was rushed to the operating room due to massive bleeding and possible brain injury. That’s when you lose it. You fall to the floor crying. Everything you ever hoped for, your dreams, your new family goals, the future children…potentially all gone. Then you start to worry about the hospital fees and who’s going to pay. You think about how life will be different now.

You find out that the person who plowed into our spouse’s vehicle died on the scene, and sadly didn’t have adequate insurance. It’s all too much for you to handle and you decide to call an attorney.

But which one? You do a search on the internet and they all seem to be touting this or that, have big fancy logos or prestigious sounding credentials. Ugh, you just need a lawyer, why is it so complicated? Your emotions are high, your stress levels through the roof, you have no idea if your spouse will live or die and now you are wondering if the whole lawyer thing was a good idea. Then you think about your automotive insurance agent and wonder if it’s prudent to call him. You wonder, if maybe he can help you?

When someone you love is involved in an accident the emotions you feel could cloud your thinking, so it’s imperative to take a deep breath and calm your nerves. Don’t give unnecessary details to insurance adjustors or accept a settlement offer until you’ve talked to an attorney. Accepting an early settlement could compromise any ongoing care your love one may need in the future. So it’s important that you have an attorney who is experienced with injury cases, dealing with insurance litigation and understands the future ramifications of health care needs.

If the auto accident and subsequent injury occurred in Indiana, I invite you to contact my office. We handle these types of cases every day. We help the injured party deal with all the litigation involved so they and their family can concentrate on healing. We understand the pain and frustration you’re going through and we are here to help fight for you. We listen. We investigate. We negotiate. We litigate.

A personal injury attorney’s job is help restore as best we can the life you used to know, and if that’s not possible we strive to achieve a financial settlement that will help you live life to the best of your present ability. Accidents happen. But some accidents could have been prevented. When you believe that accident (that you or a loved one was involved in) was the fault of another, then you should pick up the phone and call The Law Office of David W. Holub at (219)736-9700 today.


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