Legal Answers After A Multi-Car Collision

The other day as I was heading to the office I turned right onto a thoroughfare and noticed in the center left lane were 6 cars. Some had front end damage, some had front and rear end damage and some even sustained glass damage. What I noticed in my few seconds of driving by was that a few of the vehicle passengers were still inside their vehicles, while a few were outside checking on damages, and talking on cell phones.

With these type of vehicular accidents, it’s not always clear who is at fault, even with a police report. Was it the first driver who stopped suddenly? Was it the last driver who wasn’t paying attention and caused a chain reaction? Was it one of the middle vehicles who smashed into the cars in front, not giving the drivers behind enough reaction time to course correct?

All six vehicle owners would be contacting their insurance carriers to get verification on the situation. Adjusters would be dispatched to assess the damage and make their own determination. The insurance companies will be scrutinizing every dotted “I” and crossed “T” looking at each driver’s testimony, examining the road conditions, looking over the damage and even pulling driving records in hopes of determining which driver was at fault. With multiple cars involved and passengers who needed medical treatment, the adjusters would be trying to settle claims fast to minimize the financial payouts.

What if you were one of the people involved in the accident and knew it wasn’t you fault, yet the insurance adjuster has deemed you the one responsible? What if the amount of damage exceeded the limits of your policy? What if someone died as a result of the accident and the blame was being placed on you? What if you sustained injuries and couldn’t return to work?

You have questions and you need to know that what you are doing protects you, and your family’s best interests. But you’re unsure about what the insurance adjuster will say or what is covered and if the amount paid out will cover all the expenses.

That’s how we can help when you hire our firm. We answer your accident questions and let you know how to proceed. This is something we do every single day. If you or a loved one was involved in an automobile accident and it happened in Indiana, I invite you to call and the professional lawyers here will listen and answer any questions you may have.

If an insurance adjuster wants you to sign statements or accept a settlement that doesn’t fully cover your expenses or fails to take into account future medical claims, don’t proceed without legal representation. Don’t proceed without getting your questions answered. Call the Law Office of David W Holub at (219)736-9700 today.

If your case has merit and needs to go court, our office works closely with competent and experienced physician experts to understand your injuries, and understand how best to treat those injuries, and to present the most compelling evidence of pain and injury to a jury.

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