Occupations with the Highest Injury Rates

A recent article highlighted occupations with some of the highest injury rates, and some of the findings were surprising.  At the top of the list are pet store workers, who are four times more likely to be injured than construction workers.  Animals can be unpredictable and may inflict all kinds of injuries from bites, mauling, and scratches, to fractures and crush injuries.

Other top-ranked jobs with high injury rates include police officers and firefighters.  While it may come as no surprise that being a police officer can be dangerous, the vast array of hazards they face may astound you.  All too often we are reminded of the dangers of violence associated with these public positions, but that’s not the only contributing cause of for their work-related injuries.  Just a sampling of the kinds of risks they encounter include vehicle crashes, being struck by vehicles, overexertion, falls, exposure to infectious diseases, and exposure to chemicals involved in illegal drug manufacture. Psychological injuries are also common.

Firefighters also put themselves at risk to ensure public safety.  They face risks of burns, smoke inhalation, and exposure to carcinogenic chemicals while working on a fire.  They also are at a higher risk for falls when they enter a burning building in which floors, stairways, or roofs can collapse under them without warning.

Over the years, we’ve represented firefighters, police officers, animal control workers, postal workers bitten by dogs, veterinarians, as well as farm workers, all injured on the job … to mention just a few.   We are honored to provide legal representation to these men and women, and we work hard to ensure our clients are fully compensated for their injuries.


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