Store Holiday Decoration Dangers

There was recently reported on November 25, an unfortunate incident where a large ice sculpture in a crowded Luxembourg Christmas market collapsed and broke into pieces crushing to death a two-year-old boy right in front of his family. Such a tragedy. But, these types of incidents are all too common. Several years ago, we represented […]

This Injures and Kills Hunters More Than Guns

Across Indiana thousands of licensed hunters go into the woods and fields in search of deer, turkey, grouse, squirrels and many other types of wild game. Most return safely. But for a small percentage the injuries are life threatening. Oh, it’s not animals versus humans or even a gun mishap that causes the injuries, it’s […]

When Insurance Companies String You Along You Need A Law Firm That Fights For You

You were involved in a vehicle accident, which resulted in minor damage to your car and some aches and bruises. The police officer on the scene advises you and the person who caused the accident to seek medical attention. But you felt okay so you declined the police officer’s advice. A few days go by […]

Three Years After Cancer Treatment You Are Diagnosed With SVCS, Can You Sue?

The doctor gave you a clean bill of health, or so you thought. You are now starting to question that assessment. Over the last few weeks your energy level has diminished, you feel lethargic and your equilibrium is off. But, that assessment the doctor gave you was six months ago, so what changed? After numerous […]

New Ride Strands You Three Stories Above Ground For Over Two Hours, Can You Sue?

Oh boy, you’re trapped in a five-by-eight box suspended sixty feet in the air. Okay it’s not a regular box…it’s a gondola. And you along with five others got onboard because you wanted to try it out. It was something new. Something exciting. And something that seemed relatively safe. Yet, now you and your friends […]