Tesla’s Autopilot Causing Accidents and Injuries

It seems Tesla is back in the news again. And it’s not good news. Apparently the electric car manufacturer is under investigation as their cars are being reported responsible for causing accidents into emergency first-responder vehicles. Federal safety regulators are investigating at least 11 accidents involving Tesla cars. Each Tesla automobile was using a feature […]

Moving Sidewalks Malfunction Causing Injuries

One of the nation’s largest home improvement supply stores is suing the company that installed its moving walkways. The lawsuit was filed against ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp. The reason? Customers were injured when they fell when a moving sidewalk at a store malfunctioned. In an article discussing the suit’s details, the company that made and installed […]

Duty Owed to Injured Contractor Employee

Transcript: Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub. We had a caller recent call and ask “my son was delivering concrete blocks to a construction site, and was near an excavating machine, when a hydraulic line got caught on a metal rod and burst causing the excavating machine to spill a load of bricks […]

Hit By A Rental Car Driven By A Foreigner

Typically if you’ve been involved in an automobile accident there’s a series of steps you would take after the crash, and procedures you would adhere to, in order to facilitate an exchange of information. The information that is exchanged might include insurance, names of parties involved, vehicle damage and police reports if available. But what […]