What Pedestrians Must Do When Hit by a Car

Suppose you are a pedestrian  and as you walk to your car at the local shopping mall parking lot, someone backs out of a parking slot and strikes you. This is a rather common occurrence judging by the number of calls we get each week. It is also rather common in these pedestrian and car accident situations […]

Why Can’t You Help Me, Aren’t You A Lawyer?

“Yes, I’m a lawyer. And yes, you feel slighted, neglected and even frustrated. But no, you don’t really have a case and I can’t represent you in a lawsuit.” It sounds harsh and maybe a bit uncaring. Yet, I’ve been finding I’m saying that phrase more and more these days to callers who feel they […]

Injured By The Birdbox Challenge?

Over the last year I’ve written about some weird “challenges” people are doing. And some of those challenges are causing serious property and bodily injuries. Then the injured call us and wonder if they can sue. Well it seems that when one challenge subsides another is right behind ready to be tested. And this challenge, […]

Construction Site Safety and Trench-Related Injuries

Joe gets hired to do construction work for an excavation contractor. He doesn’t know what all the work entails exactly, but he is excited to have a job. He says good bye to his family and tucks his lunch pail on the seat next to his coffee thermos and heads to his first day on […]

Sorry, Our Number Was Spoofed!

Recently, we have been inundated with calls from upset citizens in and around the Merrillville area.  All calling because they are mad that we have been calling them. …  They are shocked to learn when we explain that we didn’t call them, and that our number has most likely been spoofed by scammers. These nuisance callers copy the […]