Indiana Truck Accidents

Everyday Americans are hurt or killed due to the negligence and recklessness of trucking companies and their drivers. Company profit pressures can lead to truckers who are persuaded to cut corners and engage in careless and dangerous behavior on the road. Motor carriers often go to great lengths to hide evidence that drivers are being pushed to drive while fatigued, drive at excessive speed to make up time, or use dangerous drugs to stay awake while driving. Uncovering such evidence is just one of the special challenges faced in pursuing a lawsuit against a trucking company. Companies that cut corners to maintain profitability, and delay needed vehicle inspections and repairs, or push drivers to exceed regulations limiting the number of hours behind the wheel, never openly admit to engaging in such reprehensible conduct. Only through aggressive and skilled lawyering, can victims hope to fully recover for the harm caused to them by trucking industry law breakers. Make certain that trucking companies do not escape responsibility for their gross negligence and willful violation of trucking laws and regulations. Make sure your lawyer is prepared to take the steps needed to uncover the wrongdoers and protect families sharing the highways with them.


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