What You Don’t Know About Camping Injuries

Each year, many people look forward to vacations and holidays spent camping in the great outdoors. However, camping adventures can quickly turn dangerous and result in serious camping injuries or even death.

Whether at a nearby campground or a state or national park, there are certain laws that may be applicable to hold the camp or campground owner liable for injuries if the owner knew or should have known about a particular dangerous condition on the property that caused your injury. For example, an owner could be liable for poorly maintained trails or facilities that have become dangerous. Another example, some people have been injured or killed by a dead or rotting tree or tree branch falling on them.

Additionally, if the property owner failed to adequately warn campers of possible hazards, they could be held liable. However, not every type of camping injury is compensable—you can only recover compensatory damages when someone else’s negligence or recklessness is the cause of your injury, and if the law permits recovery and does not immunize the wrongdoer.

In addition to problems with the campground or park not being safely maintained, injuries can result from defective camping equipment and tools. For example, people have been injured by defective propane lanterns, portable heaters, flammable tents and sleeping bags, as well as by malfunctioning climbing gear.

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