When A Routine Medical Procedure Turns Deadly

What was deemed a simple medical procedure lasting just two hours became a complex seventy two-hour race to save your life. The tests that were being performed were supposed to be routine. You were told, “there’s nothing to worry about, we’ve done this procedure hundreds of times, you’re in safe hands.”

It’s always good to hear those positive reassurances, it helps calm your fears and makes you feel good about your choice of having this procedure done.

Yet, something went horribly wrong. You felt a pinch in your side. Then the pain moved in. It was excruciating. The morphine wasn’t helping. The medical technicians looked as worried as you looked scared. Something wasn’t right. Your screams could be heard throughout the facility.

This so-called routine procedure that was supposed to test your blood flow, pressure and strength involved a probe that was inserted in your leg vein and guided up through to your heart. That pain that you experienced, was in fact that probe puncturing through the vein which resulted in internal bleeding into your abdominal cavity.

Now instead of going home as planned and resuming your daily routine, you’re being told you need to remain hospitalized for a few days for observation. What? No! You had plans. You were supposed to be celebrating at a friend’s birthday party the next day. And, you were the one in charge of picking up the cake and supplies. Now, that’s not going to happen. You won’t be able to leave the hospital. And, frankly with the pain you’re feeling, trying to walk would make things worse. What a nightmare this turned out to be.

Every nurse, every doctor and even the orderly who brings up your dinner was being vague on what happened. It wasn’t until 24 hours later that you learned what really occurred. And although they (the medical professionals) didn’t come out and admit any wrongdoing, you knew deep down they could have killed you.

Inexcusable medical errors happen. It’s unfortunate. And sadly, some institutions instead of informing you of the risks upfront simply try to cover up the mistakes after they’ve happened.

In this particular case, a simple out-patient procedure ended up being a 3-day life-saving operation. This patient was lucky. In fact, had the morphine used to dull the pain been adjusted higher the patient might not have screamed in agony when the probe punctured her vein. And the blood flowing into her abdominal cavity might not have been detected in time.

This was a careless mistake. It could have been prevented. Instead, it was covered up. And the patient traumatized by the experience.

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