When Trying To Quit Almost Kills You | Exploding Vape Pens

You awaken to the sheer throbbing pain that is emanating from the left side of your face. You glance around, but the surroundings are strange and unrecognizable. You try to move only to discover you are strapped to a bed. Then someone approaches. It’s a nurse, who upon seeing you conscious tells you why you are there and what’s being done to help you.

You don’t remember much about the  incident. But the nurse say’s you’re lucky to be alive. Sadly, you are the third reported case that this hospital had to treat. Unfortunately, your injuries are the worst. The explosion ripped through your face peeling back skin, taking chunks of flesh, bone and teeth leaving a gaping hole where your cheek once was situated.

The cause of the explosion was the very thing that was supposed to help you wean off the effects of nicotine. To quit smoking altogether. It was the E-Cigarette, or now commonly referred to as Vape Pen. The very act of vaping landed you in intensive care with many long months of reconstructive surgery and physical therapy.

But what caused the Vape Pen to explode?

Well it turns out these devices are powered by lithium ion batteries. The same type of batteries found in cell phones, cameras and even hybrid cars. These lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries can be recharged over and over. However, Li-Ion batteries are capable of holding a strong charge and if overcharged can be potentially dangerous.

According to some battery experts, 1 out of 10 million Li-Ion batteries will explode. Doesn’t make you feel better knowing the odds of your vaping device exploding were so low. And to make matters worse the manufacturer blames the explosions on human error. Saying the user of such devices was not following instructions on proper use.

Reports show these devices exploding while in use, while being stored in a pants pocket or while charging. And with the amount of reports of exploding vape devices the numbers exceed the statistics the experts proclaim.

So why do I share this information with you?

I share it because anything that is powered by rechargeable batteries has the potential to cause harm if proper care is not followed. And placing those devices close to your face regardless of the odds is not a good practice. In the case of the vaping device, every time the user would inhale, the battery would send a charge to the heating element which in turn would heat the liquid inside. And repeated use causes the charge in the battery to diminish, thus requiring the battery to be recharged over and over. For those trying to quit nicotine, vaping has been sold as a safer alternative. Having a device explode in your face, doesn’t sound like a safer alternative.

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