Direct Mail Marketing After an Accident

Police accident reports are public records and can be accessed electronically, so your personal information can be easily obtained and can be accessed by anyone looking to market their services. Ethical rules in Indiana prevent lawyers from sending out mail solicitations within 30 days of an accident, and entirely prohibit in person solicitations in most situations. If violations of these ethical constraints are reported, a lawyer can be disciplined. – It is our policy NEVER to send out mailings after an accident.

Medical professionals often have no such ethical restrictions. We have heard that some are very aggressive and leave phone messages suggesting that your insurance requires you to call them. You have no obligation to respond to such direct solicitations or to mail solicitations from medical professionals or lawyers.

Much more should go into selecting a lawyer than the look of the lawyer’s direct mail promotional material. We suggest that it is important to check on whether a prospective attorney is Board Certified, has a good ethical reputation, will listen to you, will explain the law in a clear manner, and will communicate regularly with you. On our website we explain in greater detail the type of considerations that should go into selecting a lawyer.


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