Why You Need An Attorney That Fights For You!

Six days after buying your new car, your dream car, it’s destroyed. Totaled would be the word the insurance adjuster uses to describe the wreckage. You sustained what appeared at the time minor injuries. And you’re thinking, “thank goodness for airbags”.

The very next day you wake you not feeling well. Your neck and back hurt. You have pain shooting down your legs. Your body feels stiff. And every step you take feels like you’re walking in slow motion.

You contact your insurance company and explain how the accident happened and are told you will be contacted by two different adjusters. You would get a call from a property adjuster to review your vehicle damage and a call from an injury adjuster to review your medical needs.

Then you find out the person who hit you didn’t have insurance. And to top it off, your insurance company is questioning your policy. You had just moved to Merrillville from another State and needed new coverage and a new car. So you decided to go to one of the Big Name insurance companies to get a policy. You needed that insurance to purchase the car. Never once thinking that you would be in an accident less than one week later.

But, the insurance company now is questioning you on why you needed to switch insurance, why the need for a new car, and why you moved to a new town. As if any of those questions could reveal how the accident happened.

The property adjuster asks if you need a rental car, you say that would be helpful, but unfortunately your neck and back are in so much pain that you don’t think you could physically drive the car. The injury adjuster sets an appointment to see a doctor for your injuries, so you book a cab to take you. You end up being 13 minutes late and the physician’s office says, “sorry you’re late we will need to reschedule you”. The receptionist asks, “how’s next week?” What? No! You need care now. Not next week.

You call the injury adjuster and try to get them to reschedule the appointment for either another doctor or a better time. Nope, no luck.

You’re in pain and now frustrated. You have no idea if the insurance is helping you or stringing you along. In the meantime you’re missing work because of your injuries. Injuries that were caused by a negligent driver without insurance and you feel like you’re the one being treated like the bad guy. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

This is why you need an attorney that fights for you. That fights against the insurance companies.

Here at the Law Offices of David W Holub, we concentrate in personal injury and wrongful death cases, and focus a large part of our work in the area of car, truck (semi-tractor trailer), motorcycle and bicycle accidents. We handle all claims for injuries connected with automobile collisions, car-truck crashes, semi-truck to semi-truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

If you have been in any kind of a car accident caused by the negligence of someone else, and were injured or sustained property damage in a car crash in Merrillville, Crown Point, Gary, Hammond, Highland, Portage, Valparaiso, or in Lake or Porter County, or any part of northwest Indiana contact our firm for help. Call (219)736-9700, we put our experience and resources to work for car crash injury victims throughout northwest Indiana with one object in mind: to maximize your compensation.

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