Crown Point, Indiana, is a gorgeous city that has many fascinating attractions and many beautiful natural scenes to enjoy. The Lake of the Four Seasons provide tourists with serenity in the midst of modern life. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can upset a person’s serenity. Such an occurrence can cause an otherwise happy and healthy individual to suffer for months without a steady income or a means to work. A personal injury attorney can help a slip and fall victim to get back on track and enjoy life.

What Is a Slip and Fall Injury?

A slip and fall injury is an accident in which a person slips and harms himself or herself through no fault of his or her own. A slip and fall injury occurs because some other party was neglectful in leaving a situation dangerous enough for another person to get hurt. Many people slip and fall on a wet floor because no one notifies them of the dangerous condition of the floor. Another common slip and fall occurrence happens inside of restaurants and stores after spills. The staff members fail to clean the floors properly, and a customer ends up slipping on mayonnaise droplets, tomatoes and the like. The entire establishment can be charged with neglect in such a situation. A Crown Point slip and fall lawyer can help an injured person receive compensation.

What Compensation Can a Person Get?

Two types of compensation can arise within a slip and fall case. Compensatory damages are monetary payments that cover medical expenses, lost work wages and the like. Punitive damages are extra assessments that judges may impose when a person or business has been especially neglectful or reckless. A Crown Point slip and fall lawyer can meet with an injured party to discuss the potential reimbursement for that person’s pain and suffering. Contact the Law Offices of David W. Holub for more information.

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