The USA has some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the world.
But in Dyer, Indiana, as elsewhere in America the marketplace is full of products that are inherently dangerous by design, or are manufactured with defects that slip past quality control.

Today, Amazon and other internet based sellers, can deliver to the Dyer doorstep products that are manufactured in foreign countries such as China, where safety and quality controls may not properly address all the dangers of a product, or may provide insufficient warnings, or instructions that are not easy to understand.

Keep in mind that not all injuries from dangerous products will result in a legitimate product liability claim. Often liability is extremely difficult and costly to prove. Yet, there are products out there that are designed and approved for the market on the belief that they are safe for consumer use or consumption, when in fact they are not. For example, a children’s toy may be safe if it is painted in conformity with safety standards, but what if a supplier in a foreign country fabricates test results, and actually sells a product that contains lead in the paint, or another dangerous ingredient? Or what if your house catches fire because the normal electrical safety standards for a space heater have been neglected to save money and keep the price of the product down and safety inspector reports have been falsified?

Our attorneys understand what is required to produce evidence that will stand up in court even against multi-national companies.
We are proud of the case results we have achieved in our product liability cases, including the settlements and jury awards we have obtained. We believe it is important to not only help our clients, but to help shape consumer safety not just in Dyer, but at the national and international level. Often, our clients take comfort in knowing they’ve helped prevent someone else from being injured by the same product hazard.

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