Infant brain damage can be caused as a result of several different medical errors. Most errors are associated with failing to monitor the fetus, and conditions that could have easily been corrected, result in the brain being starved for oxygen, which leads to disability. These types of injuries rob families of the joy of a healthy baby and result in a lifetime of costly care. The signs and symptoms of conditions likely to lead to brain damage in newborn infant vary. Doctors and nurses however are trained to detect dangerous conditions, and take steps to eliminate, or limit the cause and severity of an injury. When signs of development delays or other developmental problems are detected early, doctors may be able to treat the baby to aid in the child’s development; however, many kinds of brain damage is irreversible.

Obstetrical neonatal malpractice results in needless suffering, family stress, and financial hardship. Proving that a doctor’s actions or in-actions caused an injury can be a difficult task. Nurses and doctors will need to be questioned, and medical records will need to be carefully examined. Call us please if you have questions about a baby brain damage claim in Indiana.

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