There are two major kinds of strokes: ischemic strokes (involving blockage of oxygen carrying blood flow to the brain) and hemorrhagic strokes (involving bleeding of the brain). A mini-stroke is called a transient ischemic attacks or TIA.

A patient can be significantly harmed by a physician’s failure to identify any type of stroke including mini-strokes, which elevate the risk of further and more serious strokes. Unfortunately, doctors and nurses can miss the classic signs and symptoms of stroke and fail to provide the emergency care needed to address the condition before it worsens. If treated urgently and properly, many strokes can be survived without any long term, major disability. However, delay in treatment can kill or leave one seriously disabled.

When a doctor fails to make a timely diagnosis of a stroke in Indiana when there are clear signs and symptoms, the doctor can be liable due to medical malpractice for the resulting harm. If you or a loved one has been injured by failure to diagnose a stroke, please call and speak with an experienced attorney.

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