What happens when vehicle makers breach their duty to design, produce, and properly install crashworthy roofs? They can make huge profits at the expense of the injuries they can cause when their vehicle is involved in a rollover and a roof crush injury occurs.

Roof crush injuries in Indiana can be very serious and include spine injuries, brain damage and death. The sad thing is that the cost of improving roof strength is minimal (maybe less than $70 per vehicle). While we have all seen commercials showing front impact crash dummy tests, it is rare for auto makers to conduct extensive rollover testing. There are stringent government testing requirements for front impact safety. Yet, auto makers do not have equally stringent testing requirements for rollover safety, or passenger safety in every other type of crash.

We have experience with these types of cases. One such case involved a group of teens who were in a serious collision following a wedding. One of the teens became a quadriplegic as a result of injuries sustained due to crashworthiness safety defects. The injury never should have happened. If you have experienced a roof crush injury in an automobile accident, seek legal help to obtain compensation for your losses. Please contact an experienced attorney for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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