A motor vehicle may qualify as defective if it is designed or manufactured so that the injuries the occupant sustains in a collision are greater than those normally to be expected for the circumstances of the collision. Crashworthiness can be accomplished when safe designs are implemented to distribute the collision forces away from the more vulnerable parts of the body.

Auto makers can easily build crashworthiness into their design. But frequently they do not do so because of a desire to control costs at the expense of safety. Imagine what vehicles would be like without passenger restraint systems, or if the manufacturer took no care to maintain fuel system integrity in lower to moderate speed crashes. Imagine what vehicles injuries would be like if the inside of a car had sharp edged dashboards or no padding on any armrest. These are the engineer features that we often take for granted, but many of these features exist because accident victims fought back after suffering an injury and sued.

If you have experienced an unusual or excessive injury in an automobile accident, and you want to fight back; seek legal help to obtain full and fair compensation for your losses. Please contact an experienced auto parts liability attorney for a free and confidential case evaluation. Call our toll free number for assistance after  a vehicle stability accident in Indiana.

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