Most people who enjoy biking are familiar with the dangers associated with the sport. One danger though that should never have to be faced is the failure or collapse of the bicycle frame or other bicycle component.

Some carbon fiber bikes have been recalled due to a sudden failure of the bicycle frame. Frame failure or fork failure at any speed can have catastrophic consequences. Carbon fiber weighs far less than steel with similar stiffness. However, components manufactured in China and elsewhere may not meet United States safety standards. What is particular troublesome, is that these bicycle frames typically do not show structural integrity damage before catastrophic failure, so users cannot readily detect potential problems or signs of failure. In early 2013, about 12,000 bicycles were recalled due to component failure related fall hazards.

Individuals who believe they have suffered injury as a result of a carbon bike component failure in Indiana may be entitled to compensation. Contact us please if you feel you have been a victim of this type of defective product negligence.

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