Over the years we have developed extensive experience in handling cases involving fires and explosions. These cases often tend to be complex and present proof challenges different from the ordinary injury case.

Whatever the cause of a fire or explosion, whether it be an electrical short, a defective product such as electrical systems and appliances, gas leaks, grain and industrial dust, auto accidents, workplace accidents, or even static electricity discharge while moving oil from one container to another, the results can be catastrophic in terms of injuries and property damage.

Attorneys working on fire and explosion cases need to be familiar with causation issues and be able to work with experts, such as cause and origin investigators, fire marshals, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, materials handling experts, and other specialists.

Examples of cases we have handled involving injuries or death from a fire or explosion:

  • Landlord failure to provide functioning smoke and fire detectors or fire extinguishers
  • Heating and ventilation contractor piped carbon monoxide into the home instead of the flue
  • Stove automatic burner shutoff failed to function when pan accidently left on stove
  • Electrical appliance overheated and caught fire
  • Contractor failed to install electrical wiring properly
  • Grain storage building structure abruptly exploded outward due to excessive loading
  • Tanker truck operator failed to properly ground tank before transferring fuel
  • Lawn mower leaked gasoline and exploded
  • Power circle saw gas cap loosened and caught fire

If you have been involved in a fire or explosion, we would be happy to assist you, so please call for an appointment.

If you, or someone you care about, suffer an injury related to the operation of an electrical appliance in Indiana, please consult an experienced attorney.

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