Going To War In Toontown

The happiest place on Earth turned into a bar room brawl the other day. It was a sad situation indeed. While some did try to intervene, others stood around and took video with their mobile phones. One of those videos was shared across the social atmosphere, first on YouTube, then to Facebook. The media picked […]

Some Thrill Rides Aren’t Worth Getting On

Last month, a tragedy occurred at the Ohio State Fair. A ride malfunctioned, broke apart and lead to a teenager dying and multiple people being injured. A young man aged 18, of Columbus met an untimely end after being thrown into the air when the ride he was on malfunctioned. The ride was called the “Fire […]

Waterslide and Amusement Ride Injuries

We see the headlines about amusement ride injuries all the time, but still we tend to think these rides are safe for ourselves and our families. One of the more recent reports was of a 10-year-old boy who died while on a waterslide in a waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas. This involved the 168-foot “Verruckt” […]