Medication Adverse Reaction Injuries

You know that prescription medications come with some risk. But, you figure your doctor knows what he or she is doing. After all they attended medical school and they have a medical license. So you begin taking the medicine. At first it seems to help. But then you begin to experience a serious adverse reaction. […]

Smoke and Fire Injuries and Your Legal Rights

You awaken to a smoke alarm blaring. You roll out of bed and find thick smoke. Then a horrifying thought “did I forget to turn off the burner on the stove?” You make if out alive but lose everything. The fire department confirms it was the stove. Should you consult an attorney or is it […]

Why You Need An Attorney That Fights For You!

Six days after buying your new car, your dream car, it’s destroyed. Totaled would be the word the insurance adjuster uses to describe the wreckage. You sustained what appeared at the time minor injuries. And you’re thinking, “thank goodness for airbags”. The very next day you wake you not feeling well. Your neck and back […]

Who Has the Burden of Proof?

You are in a dispute with someone and decide to contact an attorney. You think you want to sue. When you reach the attorney he or she asks you what proof you have to support your claim. You respond “I’m not sure, but he hurt me and I want to sue”. There’s a big difference […]

No Brainer Ways to Ruin your Car Crash Case

  Transcript: Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub. This video discusses what we call no-brainer ways to wreck your auto accident case, or basically any injury case. One of the first ways is to go to a lawyer who will recommend or direct you, as a client, to a doctor. This is something […]