Vehicle-Train Collision Makes Headlines

Recently, a vehicle-train collision made headlines in Indiana when a semi-truck got stuck on the railroad tracks on October 9, 2020. The collision occurred in a small town outside of Indianapolis, and fortunately no injuries were reported. The driver of the stalled semi-truck was not inside the cab at the time the freight train came […]

Lending Your Car Comes With Risks and Possible Lawsuits

You lent your car to a neighbor to run errands. The neighbor calls you two hours later and says they were in an accident, the car is totaled and there are injuries. You heart skips a beat. You stumble for words. You ask if your neighbor is okay. Your neighbor gives you few details then […]

The Rise Of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been around since the dawn of the automobile, but over the last few years it’s on the rise. The culprit…the proliferation of social media accessible mobile devices. I saw this recently on a Facebook friend’s post… “I almost got killed today while driving, by a teenager on her phone who almost broadsided […]

Driver Crashed Bus – Driving with Untreated Sleep Disorder

Several years ago we helped a seriously hurt bus passenger after the bus she was riding in ran a red light. As we delved into investigating the cause of the crash we were startled to learn that the bus company had hired a driver with narcolepsy in his health background. Narcolepsy is a condition characterized […]

Trains, Trailers and Dash Cams

The below video from Fox 5 News New York is of a train colliding with a FedEx truck – the video shows clearly that the signals and gate never activated to warn motorists. Back in March 2016, we published an article relating to a train accident. It was called “We Get To The Truth…That’s What […]