Terrified and Left In Tears

For several months, many amusement parks around the world sat idle with their doors closed to the public. It was deemed necessary to help slow the spread rate of infection caused by the Coronavirus. Now those parks adhering to special guidelines are opening once again. Unfortunately, injuries are occurring. The same social distancing protocols that […]

Your Life Matters … Understand the Risks Before You Riot and Demonstrate

Here we go again…okay I’m going to take a deep breath and just let it all out. It just boggles my mind that this needs to be repeated, but unfortunately it seems history is repeating itself and so I need to express my thoughts once again. You see, four years ago, I shared a blog […]

Safety Glass: Ordinary Glass Just Can Cut It

The other day we were all working diligently at the office when all of a sudden we heard a BOOM. When we ran to check we found that a pane of safety glass in an interior window had shattered. Nothing unusual happened to cause the breakage, but thankfully the glass was what is called safety […]

When Someone You Love Is Involved In An Auto Accident Who Should You Call?

The phone rings. You answer. Then your heart gets heavy…you can’t breathe…it was the call you’ve dreaded since getting married. Your spouse was involved in a terrible automobile accident. The details are sketchy. The police say they are working on it. Millions of questions roll through your mind. You get to the hospital only to […]

Falling Merchandise Presents a Danger to Trusting Customers

Some stores, trying to press every square inch of store shelving space into service, are stocking goods higher than in the past, and putting more weight on shelves than some shelves are rated for by design. This spells danger for customers when precariously stacked merchandise falls. Falling merchandise can easily kill or seriously injure an […]