Practical and Legal Ways to Deal with Social Media Blackouts

Freedom of speech is a simple concept. Think Ben Franklin and his printing press. Social media is little more than a modern day Franklin permitting citizens an opportunity to state their opinions in a daily newspaper for free. Since today’s Franklin owns the paper, ink and printing press, the law permits him to decline to […]

Forgotten Care: Life In A Nursing Home

Have you ever heard the expression, “Nursing homes are like Starbucks, they’re popping up everywhere”? Then you start to notice them and think, “Wow, they’re right. That’s the third one to come to town in the last 9 months”. Then you deduce that they must be making money or they wouldn’t build so many. Well, […]

Ice Cold Negligence

Most people, when they hear the term “negligent driver”, think the driver was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics of some kind. But being negligent doesn’t even have to involve drinking or using drugs. In fact, the use of cell phones while driving is becoming the #1 negligent act a driver can do while […]

What Pedestrians Must Do When Hit by a Car

Suppose you are a pedestrian  and as you walk to your car at the local shopping mall parking lot, someone backs out of a parking slot and strikes you. This is a rather common occurrence judging by the number of calls we get each week. It is also rather common in these pedestrian and car accident situations […]

Why Can’t You Help Me, Aren’t You A Lawyer?

“Yes, I’m a lawyer. And yes, you feel slighted, neglected and even frustrated. But no, you don’t really have a case and I can’t represent you in a lawsuit.” It sounds harsh and maybe a bit uncaring. Yet, I’ve been finding I’m saying that phrase more and more these days to callers who feel they […]