Medication Adverse Reaction Injuries

You know that prescription medications come with some risk. But, you figure your doctor knows what he or she is doing. After all they attended medical school and they have a medical license. So you begin taking the medicine. At first it seems to help. But then you begin to experience a serious adverse reaction. […]

Warning: This Article May Cause You To File A Lawsuit

I recently ordered a package of 9 volt batteries from Amazon for our smoke detectors here at the office. Inside the package of batteries was a pamphlet written in English and 7 other languages. Each language had the same 40 or so warnings about the batteries for basically every scenario you could think of that […]

Hotel and Motel Injuries

We live in a free and mobile society, and frequent travel leads to frequent nights spent in a hotel or motel. Many types of injuries can occur in overnight lodging situations, even in bed and breakfast accommodations or inns and resorts. For example, a robbery or mugging can occur while you are on a hotel […]

Swimming Pool Accidents

It’s summer, and that means more people will be spending time at a swimming pool to cool off and have fun. While many people look forward to a fun day at the pool, pool days can, unfortunately, turn into tragic days when people are injured or even drown because of a swimming pool accident. Pools […]

Rental Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen at any time, including when you or someone else is driving a rental car.  Many people rent cars while on vacation or on a business trip.  The last thing people are thinking about while on vacation is getting into an automobile crash.  They’re just trying to enjoy themselves and take a […]