Can a worker’s compensation case be reopened?

Transcript: Hi, I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub.

This video discusses the circumstances under which a worker’s compensation case can be reopened.

Basically, a case can be reopened by the employer or employee if there’s been a change in circumstances regarding the employee’s health or condition.
A reason for reopening a case might be that a light duty position that had been offered to an employee is no longer available, the employee becomes temporarily unable to work, the employee becomes temporarily totally disabled, the employee’s condition becomes worse, impairment caused by the injury develops, the employee’s impairment becomes greater than what it was when the initial PPI or permanent partial impairment calculation was made.

Reopening a case can occur through the filing of an application for adjustment. Worker’s compensation cases can generally only be reopened within a specified time period.

The calculation for making this determination as to whether a case can be reopened is fairly complicated. We suggest that you contact an attorney if you have questions about the subject of possibly reopening a closed worker’s compensation claim.

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