Preventing School Bus Related Injuries

Transcript: Whenever the season starts for school to resume and kids to get on a bus, you see in the newspapers accidents or injuries to children or to others around the bus. So, what safety concerns? Children should not run or horseplay around the location where the bus is going to be picking them up. The children should be on time to the school bus stop. Why is that important? Because, number three, you don’t want children running to cross the street in an emergency situation where they are trying to catch the bus and not looking where they’re going. That’s an accident waiting to happen. Fourth, they should be not playing in the street where the bus is going to be picking them up. If they’re going to be standing at a particular bus stop, no pushing, shoving, no playing and getting into the street. When getting on and off a bus, children have to be told that it’s important to hold onto the handrail. That’s going up and coming down on the stairs in the bus. There have been many occasions where children have gotten hurt by falling, sometimes severely, where they have fallen out of a bus onto the pavement and gotten a serious injury.

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