Can I Appeal an Insurance Claim Denial

Transcript: Hi. This is Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub, and in this video we’re going to discuss if my claim is denied by insurance, can I appeal?

So, your insurance claim is denied.

Might be health insurance, might be property loss claim.

Your question is, “Can I sue in court?
Or do I have to go through some other appeal process or an arbitration before I can sue in court?”

In Indiana, insurance companies must make it known to insureds, or their beneficiary claimants, precisely how they are required to appeal a claim and when they are required to appeal a claim, including all deadlines for appeals. The trouble is most insurance companies put the provisions about appeals and appeal deadlines in fine print someplace in their policies. And unfortunately for you, you did not spend years going to law school or studying insurance policies, and you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to understand the fine print hidden in your policy.

Oftentimes in the fine print are special hidden addresses that you have to use to send your appeal of a claim denial to. These addresses are different from where you pay your premium, and it can be a trap to not understand the procedures needed to appeal your claim denial.

In short, if you need help with some fine print in one of your insurance policies, call our attorneys today. We’d be happy to try to help you understand the fine print.

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