How To Avoid Contaminated Medications

Transcript: How to avoid being injured by contaminated medications. We have represented individuals in the past who have been the recipients of contaminated injections that were manufactured or basically compounded by a compounding company that was not keeping up with hygiene and proper safety precautions out in Massachusetts. And being injected with a contaminated substance is horrific. Keep in mind that these people have simply been going to their doctor to try to get proper treatment and medication to help them with their already pre-existing conditions and then they are injected with medications that are contaminated. Well what we have discovered from our investigations, and what we think is important to keep in mind, is there are certain types of organizations that are regulated by the FDA. These are big pharmaceutical companies that are regulated by the FDA, but little pharmacists who take particular drugs and mix them together and sell them in a mixed manner, like a liquid for injection or for putting into an IV, they’re exempt from FDA regulation. I would suggest that if you or your family members are at a doctor’s office and are going to receive an injection of any type, that you have the doctor document for you that this particular injection comes from a reputable company that has been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. It’s as simple as that. If you’re doctor is going to give you a shot or injection ask, Doctor, where is this coming from? It is my right as a patient to know where this medication is coming from and I would simply like to have you tell me that this is coming from a reputable company regulated by the FDA. That’s the best thing that we can tell you at this time. There are discount suppliers out there like the one in Massachusetts that might be tempted to market a product and not comply in its production with safety egulations. You have a right to know about it and to ask the doctor exactly what it is you’re getting.

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