Should I Represent Myself In My Injury Case?

Transcript: Does every person involved in a car crash needs an attorney to help with their injury claim. On a very small dollar value matter you may not need a personal injury attorney. For example if you get a tiny scratch on your arm, a small bandage might be all the medical care you need. But if you break your arm you may need to have a doctor who has expertise in setting bones do the setting of the fracture in order for you to get a good recovery. In cases big and small, insurance companies often tell accident victims not to hire an attorney. Such advice is not to be trusted, because the insurance company’s goal is to settle the claim for the least amount of money possible. Consider this, if you were operating a huge insurance company, would you rather have someone with no experience negotiating against your trained employees, or would you rather be up against someone who is experienced as an attorney and knows how to deal with claims. Most big companies would love it if you as person, an individual would try to handle your own claim. Most attorneys will offer free initial consultations. Be sure to contact an attorney who has experience and who is reliable, and who has a track record of handling the type of claim that you have. This video message constitutes general information; always consult an attorney of your choice, for specific legal advice. If you believe that you have a limited dollar value case and you want to try to handle it entirely by yourself, on the links section of our website, we have a link to the rules that apply in limited jurisdiction courts.

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