Worksite debris that is not promptly secured and removed for proper disposal can lead to worksite injuries. OSHA requires that scrap lumber with protruding nails, and all other debris, be kept cleared from work areas, passageways, and stairs, in and around buildings or other structures. Additionally, combustible scrap and debris is to be removed at regular intervals during the course of construction. Further, containers are to be provided for the collection and separation of waste, trash, oily and used rags, and other refuse, and worksite garbage and other waste is to be disposed of at frequent and regular intervals. The specifics on the regulations providing for safe worksite housekeeping can be found at OSHA Sec. 1926.25.

A safe construction site is not characterized by debris and garbage being scattered everywhere, nor is a safe site one where tools, equipment and building materials lay scattered about. Many construction accidents are the result of debris that is not contained, or other poor housekeeping practices at a worksite. When worksite housekeeping dangers go unchecked, it is not unusual for a construction worker to trip and fall over debris left carelessly in a walkway.

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