Scaffolding accidents are addressed at OSHA Section 1910.28. A scaffold is defined as any temporary walking work platform or work surface. Scaffolds can be made out of steel, or wood, or occasionally other materials. Scaffolds can be stationary or rolling. Common safety elements include toe boards and guard rails. Rolling scaffolds must have caster brakes or wheel locks to be applied at times when a scaffold is not being moved. Scaffolds must be solidly built to carry the loads of the workmen, building materials, and the weight of the scaffold structure itself. Adequate footings and foundations must be provided so the scaffold remains secure until removed. Cross-bracing must be utilized to provide stability for the scaffold. A safe means must be provided for workers to get onto the scaffold, such as ladders or stairs.

Once safely constructed, scaffolds should be inspected daily for safety requirements. Moreover, once inspected and approved, the scaffold should not be modified without approval. General worksite housekeeping requirements apply to scaffolding, requiring that the scaffold be cleared of all debris regularly. Moreover, outdoor scaffolds need to be kept free of ice, snow, and other slip hazards.

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