Common Sense Driving Tips

Last summer the roads were empty, people were afraid to travel. Accidents were non-existent. Courtrooms were closed and lawsuits were put on hold. In my 30 plus years of being a lawyer I can definitely say it was a weird time indeed. Unfortunately, that weirdness didn’t last long and it seems the roads are now […]

Why You Need An Attorney That Fights For You!

Six days after buying your new car, your dream car, it’s destroyed. Totaled would be the word the insurance adjuster uses to describe the wreckage. You sustained what appeared at the time minor injuries. And you’re thinking, “thank goodness for airbags”. The very next day you wake you not feeling well. Your neck and back […]

Injured By The Birdbox Challenge?

Over the last year I’ve written about some weird “challenges” people are doing. And some of those challenges are causing serious property and bodily injuries. Then the injured call us and wonder if they can sue. Well it seems that when one challenge subsides another is right behind ready to be tested. And this challenge, […]