The Health Risks of Disinfecting Covid

Every business has been forced into new protocols in dealing with Covid 19. Some are doing a very good job at balancing the health and well-being of their employees, others not so much. Some have gone overboard and are now facing lawsuits by the very people they tried to protect. In this case, the prevention […]

Filing a Case When the Courts are Closed

It may seem like strange times when the courts and other government agencies are closed. So what happens when the courts are closed and the deadline to sue expires. In this video we explain how the ordinary everyday court rules guide attorneys on how to deal with court closures. The Indiana Trial Rules tell us […]

Flying Off The Shelves Into A Class Action Lawsuit

In these crazy times we are living where the words “social distancing”, “self-isolation” and even “lockdown” are drilled into our minds…one other word has become synonymous with this coronavirus… “hand sanitizer”. The fact that every media outlet, every physician and medical professional, and even the Centers For Disease Control advises to wash your hands with […]

Can We Sue Over Coronavirus Infection or Death?

Lately that’s been the question people are asking us. Can they sue if they or a loved one become infected or die from the coronavirus (also named COVID 19 by the medical community)? It’s a legitimate question, yet up until a month ago very few people even knew to ask it … and yet now […]

Three Years After Cancer Treatment You Are Diagnosed With SVCS, Can You Sue?

The doctor gave you a clean bill of health, or so you thought. You are now starting to question that assessment. Over the last few weeks your energy level has diminished, you feel lethargic and your equilibrium is off. But, that assessment the doctor gave you was six months ago, so what changed? After numerous […]