Preventing Boating Accidents

Transcript: We frequently represent people who have been hurt on boats. There are certain safety precautions that the law in Indiana requires of boat operators. A boat operator has to keep a lookout to make sure that there are not other boats or other objects or persons in or about the water that they might collide with. Two, they have to keep abreast of changing weather conditions. If you are out on Lake Michigan and the weather is predicted to result in a storm, increased waves, wave height, and you are out in a small craft, you as a captain of a boat have an obligation to take care of the safety of your passengers and to keep focused on the weather. Third, you are supposed to, as a captain of a boat, slow down for conditions. And of course the last one, no drinking while operating a boat. It’s the same if you’re operating a motor vehicle and a car, intoxication does not make for safe boating, nor does texting while you are operating a boat, or any other things that you would find inappropriate and unsafe to do in a car, those things are inappropriate and unsafe to do in operation of a boat.

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