Drunk drivers are a public menace. These cases pose difficult legal challenges sometimes, however, because while fault is frequently clear, a person who is irresponsible and drives drunk, is also statistically likely to be financially irresponsible and have no insurance. For this reason, in Indiana, it is very important to maintain uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance coverage. This coverage protects the victim of the drunk driver who has no insurance.

Proof of drunk driving, or driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance, requires proof of blood test readings, or other lab test results. It also involves observational proof of the behavior of the drunk driver.

In cases where there is no insurance, or inadequate insurance, the next step is to investigate who served the alcohol. Was the drunk at a wedding, party, bar or tavern? Was the person served while observed to be intoxicated? Cases against bars and taverns are called dram shop cases. And dram shop cases, as well as any other case where proof of serving of alcohol is important, must be investigated quickly, before memories fade and proof disappears.

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Drunk Driving Case Challenges

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