Intersection accident cases frequently involve traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, or pavement markings. Traffic lights and signs help guide the safe flow of traffic and warn drivers of the need to stop or slow down to avoid a crash. The rules of the road govern how traffic signals and right-of-way laws are to be followed, but no law or rule can stop drivers from being negligent. Inattention at any time while driving is dangerous, but texting or eating or talking on a cell phone, while entering an intersection is particularly dangerous. Moreover, running a stop sign or running a red light on purpose can amount to reckless conduct, not simple negligence. Also, sometimes traffic lights can malfunction causing, for example, drivers who are supposed to receive a red signal, getting no signal or a green signal.

Common causes of intersection accidents in Merrillville include:

  • Speeding – excessive speed makes it difficult to see and react to surroundings, excessive speed limits ability to stop for traffic hazards
  • Distracted driving – when a driver is not watching the road it decreases their ability to be aware of what is happening around them and they can miss seeing traffic signals, or signs
  • Driver fatigue – driving when sleepy is dangerous on all parts of the road, but especially at intersections where there is a heightened need to be alert to danger
  • Missing signs or malfunctioning traffic signals

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