Every type of motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious injuries. When one car strikes the other on its side, the resulting harm can be devastating. These are known as side-impact collisions.

If you were hurt in a side-impact accident in Merrillville, now is the right time to explore your legal options. A dedicated car crash attorney could investigate your case and help you pursue a measure of justice from the responsible party.

Types of Side-Impact Collisions

Side impact accidents can occur under different circumstances. Some situations involve the front of a car striking the side of another—known as a T-bone collision. They often happen in intersections where one driver fails to yield to a stop sign or other traffic control device.

Broadside collisions are another example of a side impact crash, occurring when the sides of two cars strike each other. This often occurs when a driver attempts to change lanes without noticing a vehicle traveling alongside them. While these collisions do not involve a tremendous impact, they can cause motorists to lose control and crash.

Side impact incidents do not always have the same traumatic impact compared to front-end crashes, but the injuries that occur as a result can still be significant. Most people involved in side-impact collisions in Merrillville do not see the other car coming until it strikes them, giving them little time to brace or attempt to avoid a crash.

Understanding Shared Fault

Oftentimes, there are challenges when it comes to determining who was at fault for an accident. It is possible for both drivers to have played a role. In this situation, the state’s modified comparative negligence rules come into play. This legal standard is used to determine what compensation—if any—a party is entitled to when they are partially to blame for the accident that caused their injuries.

In other words, a person cannot be 51 percent or more at fault to recover financial compensation. However, the amount they recover is reduced by their degree of fault. For example, if a person injured in a crash is found to be 25 percent liable because they were speeding at the time and sustained $100,000 in damages, their final award would be $75,000.

Common Injuries Caused by Side Impact Collisions

In Merrillville, one of the most common injuries in a side-impact accident is whiplash. This form of soft-tissue damage occurs when the head is whipped in one direction and then back in another. Whiplash is painful, and while it usually heals on its own, it can sometimes require surgical intervention.

Side-impact crashes can also cause more serious injuries, such as:

With the help of seasoned legal counsel, each of these conditions has the potential to lead to a viable injury lawsuit.

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