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The Law Office Of David W. HolubThe Law Office Of David W. Holub

Post Collision Fuel Fires

Fuel system defects in cars and large trucks can cause fires and explosions following an accident. A well designed and safe fuel system will contain the fuel being carried on the vehicle during a collision.

Fuel tank related fires are also common dangers found with malfunctioning or improperly made small engines like gasoline powered chainsaws, or lawn mower fuel tanks.


Safely designed fuel systems are supposed to stop fuel from leaking out of the car after a rollover, or prevent small engine fires due to fuel leaks.

Fuel system fires are common in 18 wheeler (tractor trailer) accidents, and in many car models. Burn injuries can be deadly, and those who survive may have to suffer through months or years of burn rehab, including painful skin grafts, and reconstructive surgeries. Burns cause physical disfigurement, and they also cause great emotional suffering.

If you have experienced a defective fuel system related injury in an automobile accident or truck accident, seek legal help to obtain compensation for the harm you have suffered. Call us. We have a 24 hour emergency number if you need immediate assistance.