Errors in Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

A number of medical errors can lead to a delay in diagnosing breast cancer. Cancer diagnosed early has a higher cure rate.  The following  errors can lead to a delay in both proper diagnosis and timely treatment:

  • Errors in reading test results or radiographic images
  • Failing to conduct tests or refer a patient for testing
  • Failing to recommend biopsy,  or breast removal when indicated
  • Not recognizing an obvious lump during a breast exam
  • Failing to follow-up on a report of acute pain in a breast
  • Failing to investigate nipple discharge
  • Misreading, failing to order, or follow up on a mammogram
  • Failure to promptly start required treatment
  • Failure to order diagnostic tests

A delay in diagnosis or failure to diagnose cancers can lead to unnecessary medical bills, lost earnings, and painful treatment.  Call a knowledgeable attorney if you believe you for someone you care about experienced a delay or misdiagnosis of cancer.