Frequently Asked Questions

At the Law Offices of David W. Holub, P.C. we concentrate in personal injury, vehicular accident, and wrongful death litigation. Below are several videos addressing common questions that we frequently receive that we hope will address your concerns about your legal rights following a personal injury incident:

While the below videos, and the articles linked at the bottom of the page, try to answer this question, as soon as you have been injured it can be critical to consult a personal injury lawyer to help you understand your rights for your specific situation.

How to Value a Personal Injury Case
Things to Do in the Event of an Injury

Quick Tips:

  • Contact an attorney for help preserving evidence, locating witnesses, taking measurements and photographs.
  • Follow the advice of your doctors and work hard to regain your health.
  • Be cautious about speaking to insurance claim people (your health insurance claim people included) without first obtaining legal advice.
  • Keep everything pertaining to your case (bills, police reports, medical reports) in a box or envelope that you can take to your attorney.
  • Hire a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney.
  • Select an attorney with an honest and ethical reputation.
  • Select a lawyer who will listen to you and care about you.
  • Select a lawyer who can explain the law to you in a clear concise manner.
  • Find a lawyer who will communicate regularly with you and return your phone calls.
  • Exercise Caution When Speaking With Insurance Adjusters Following an Accident
  • Get Your Property Damage Claim Paid After a Collision

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