Rear End Collision

Rear-end accidents are like other collisions in the sense that property damage, medical bills, and a personal injury can be the result. But typically rear-end collisions generate a higher number of neck, and mid and low back pain complaints. Unless a strong impact force is involved, usually no broken bones are suffered. Nevertheless, injuries to nerves and muscles can be quite painful and take time to heal.  Sometimes people use the term whiplash injury to describe the type of neck sprain and strain that can be experienced following a rear-end impact crash. The sprain and strain happens when the cervical or neck vertebra snap forward and then violently backward. Sometimes this violent motion will result in permanent disc damage. MRIs and CT scans are often required to diagnose such disc injuries.


Our office works closely with competent and experienced physician experts to understand the mechanism of these injures, and understand how best to treat these injuries, and to present the most compelling evidence of pain and injury to a jury. Please contact our office for legal advice involving your rear-end crash claim.