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The Law Office Of David W. HolubThe Law Office Of David W. Holub

Stairway Escalator Accidents

Stairways and escalators are common sources of fall injuries.

Stairway accidents are commonly the result of poorly maintained, broken, or unsafe stairs. Perhaps a handrail is missing, or a stair tread is loose.  Property owners have a legal obligation to keep stairs maintained and safe for use.

Escalators can be found in many public buildings, shopping malls and department stores. Escalator accidents can be quite serious. An escalator that lurches or changes speed suddenly can lead to a fall. Additionally, when escalators are not properly maintained, they can pull a person in and cause horrible degloving of skin as well as serious hand and foot injuries. Escalators must be properly serviced and maintained by the property owner or manager to ensure they are safe for users and that they are properly functioning. Escalators can fail as a result of faulty equipment, or lack of proper maintenance. They need to be inspected, serviced and maintained regularly.

If you have been injured on a stairway or escalator it is important to have the representation of an attorney that is experienced in this type of accident. Please call to speak to someone today.