MRSA Infections

What exactly is a MRSA infection? Put simply, it is an infection that frequently is contracted in a hospital and it is an infection that will not respond to standard antibiotics.

So, not surprisingly, when an infection is observed in a patient, it must be cultured to determine at the microscopic level the nature of the infection, so that it can be effectively treated with medication that will address the specific infection. In many settings, medical professionals finding an infection should presume the infection to be MRSA until the infection is proven to be otherwise.  Not all infections acquired in a hospital or during a medical procedure are MRSA infections. Standard medical care can protect against infection during surgery by requiring the scrubbing of a patient’s skin and by taking other steps to protect the patient against infection. Hospital borne infections can also be avoided using simple and effective technics, such as washing hands between patient contacts.

If you or a loved one has suffered a MRSA infection, or other hospital acquired infection, your attorney will need to evaluate medical records and hospital infection surveys.   Call us for help. We can be reached toll free, or by filling out an online contact form.