10 Reasons Why We Might Decline Your Case

You called in a panic. Your emotions are running high and your thoughts are scattered. You along with several passengers were injured when a negligent driver failed to stop at an intersection smashing into your vehicle. You want to know what your legal options are, and if you have a valid case to sue. One […]

This Injures and Kills Hunters More Than Guns

Across Indiana thousands of licensed hunters go into the woods and fields in search of deer, turkey, grouse, squirrels and many other types of wild game. Most return safely. But for a small percentage the injuries are life threatening. Oh, it’s not animals versus humans or even a gun mishap that causes the injuries, it’s […]

New Ride Strands You Three Stories Above Ground For Over Two Hours, Can You Sue?

Oh boy, you’re trapped in a five-by-eight box suspended sixty feet in the air. Okay it’s not a regular box…it’s a gondola. And you along with five others got onboard because you wanted to try it out. It was something new. Something exciting. And something that seemed relatively safe. Yet, now you and your friends […]

Excessive Injury Due to Vehicle Crashworthiness Failure

You are stopped on the highway waiting to turn right into the parking lot at the beauty shop you go to every week. Another customer is backing out as you wait to pull into the lot. You get hit from the rear, and it’s a fellow with no insurance. It was a jolt, but not […]

The Dentist Was Careless, Can I Sue?

A few hours after leaving the oral surgeon you start to feel pain in your stomach. At first it was an odd feeling. Then it progressed to the discomfort stage. Within eight hours you were in full blown kicking and screaming agony. You were rushed to the hospital where the doctor examines you. The X-rays […]