I’ll Order The Slip & Fall Special Please

A beautiful new restaurant opened up in town, you and a group of friends were first in line to experience it. Your party waited in the lobby area as your table was being prepared. The smells were overwhelming and you couldn’t wait to taste this fantastic food. As your server escorted you and your friends […]

Going To War In Toontown

The happiest place on Earth turned into a bar room brawl the other day. It was a sad situation indeed. While some did try to intervene, others stood around and took video with their mobile phones. One of those videos was shared across the social atmosphere, first on YouTube, then to Facebook. The media picked […]

Vehicle Stability and Roof Crush Rollover Injuries

Your wife is driving home from work on a cold November evening, when suddenly a deer is revealed by her headlights. She brakes and swerves but the SUV you bought together for its safety features flips and rolls over several times. The seatbelt and shoulder harness holds, but the roof of the SUV is crushed […]

Blades Of Summer

The sounds of synchronized mowing as your neighbors partake in the weekly ritual of lawn care means fresh cut grass and summer fun. Unfortunately, the act of mowing can lead to injuries and trips to the emergency room. Keeping lawns perfectly manicured is a way of life for some. The blades of grass cannot be […]

Seatbelt and Airbag Malfunction Injuries

The airbag bursts open. When the smoke clears, and your ears stop ringing, you feel a terrible pain in your arm and you can’t bend your elbow. The EMT tells you as she helps you out of the car that if not for the airbag you would have suffered serious head and facial injuries. But, […]