Why Can’t You Help Me, Aren’t You A Lawyer?

“Yes, I’m a lawyer. And yes, you feel slighted, neglected and even frustrated. But no, you don’t really have a case and I can’t represent you in a lawsuit.” It sounds harsh and maybe a bit uncaring. Yet, I’ve been finding I’m saying that phrase more and more these days to callers who feel they […]

Attentive, Accessible and Aggressive!

In 1982, when I started practicing law, I had 3 philosophies when it came to helping my clients; be attentive to their needs, be accessible to their time and be aggressive to the case. Hi, I’m David Holub an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney and Founder of The David W Holub Law Offices. Being attentive means […]

Politics and Traffic Don’t Mix…It’s Not Worth Getting Injured!

One thing I rarely ever do is talk about politics or political campaigns. I just don’t think it belongs in the legal realm. However, what I’m seeing lately is a general disregard for common sense in order to get those political messages across. You see I’ve read about groups of people who are protesting against […]