I’ll Order The Slip & Fall Special Please

A beautiful new restaurant opened up in town, you and a group of friends were first in line to experience it. Your party waited in the lobby area as your table was being prepared. The smells were overwhelming and you couldn’t wait to taste this fantastic food. As your server escorted you and your friends […]

Why Can’t You Help Me, Aren’t You A Lawyer?

“Yes, I’m a lawyer. And yes, you feel slighted, neglected and even frustrated. But no, you don’t really have a case and I can’t represent you in a lawsuit.” It sounds harsh and maybe a bit uncaring. Yet, I’ve been finding I’m saying that phrase more and more these days to callers who feel they […]

Attentive, Accessible and Aggressive!

In 1982, when I started practicing law, I had 3 philosophies when it came to helping my clients; be attentive to their needs, be accessible to their time and be aggressive to the case. Hi, I’m David Holub an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney and Founder of The David W Holub Law Offices. Being attentive means […]

Politics and Traffic Don’t Mix…It’s Not Worth Getting Injured!

One thing I rarely ever do is talk about politics or political campaigns. I just don’t think it belongs in the legal realm. However, what I’m seeing lately is a general disregard for common sense in order to get those political messages across. You see I’ve read about groups of people who are protesting against […]