Injured By The Birdbox Challenge?

Over the last year I’ve written about some weird “challenges” people are doing. And some of those challenges are causing serious property and bodily injuries. Then the injured call us and wonder if they can sue. Well it seems that when one challenge subsides another is right behind ready to be tested. And this challenge, […]

Act of God Defense

When you make a personal injury claim against another party, that party can raise defenses as to why he or she should not be held liable for your injury.  An “act of God” defense is one type of defense that can be raised, but is only applicable in very limited circumstances.  The phrase “act of […]

Tanker Truck Operators Must Exercise Special Care

Driving a tanker truck that carries gasoline and diesel fuel requires special training. The ignition of flammable and explosive mixtures of vapors and air can result if someone smokes too close to the tanker, or from a spark of static electricity due to improper grounding. The safety rules for loading a tank trailer, found in […]

Protecting Against Injuries When Products Are Shipped

When packages arrive safe and sound we rarely think about the safety rules that serve to protect everyone in the shipping industry against injuries. Over the years however, we have had many occasions when our clients suffered injuries as a result of someone failing to take proper care during shipping. For example, we have assisted […]

Can Electronic Medical Recordkeeping Interfere With Making An Injury Claim?

Online patient portals can be beneficial for patients.  Through a secured website, patients can access their electronic medical records, make appointments, request prescription refills, pay bills, view lab results, and email questions to their physicians. However, aside from the potential benefits, here are some important things to keep in mind: Patient portals are no substitute […]