Manufacturing Defects Lead to Tire Blow-Out Crashes

With proper maintenance and inflation a tire blow-out should rarely occur. … Well, if you decide to push your car to 150 mph, I suppose you can blow out a tire, because street legal tires are just not made for such adventures. But, what if you are not pushing your car and truck beyond its […]

Which is Better: Self-driving Cars, or Stay at Home Workers?

There continues to be a fascination with self-driving cars. The hope is that they will put an end to car crashes. But what exactly is a self-driving car, and is the dream of filling the highways with them justified? First, what is a self-driving car? Would it be fair to call a self-driving car a […]

Driver Crashed Bus – Driving with Untreated Sleep Disorder

Several years ago we helped a seriously hurt bus passenger after the bus she was riding in ran a red light. As we delved into investigating the cause of the crash we were startled to learn that the bus company had hired a driver with narcolepsy in his health background. Narcolepsy is a condition characterized […]

Big Rig Crashes into House – Lands in Bedroom

The facts are that a semi-tractor that was dead heading crashed through the yard of our client’s house on the corner of an intersection, tore through the kitchen and ended up at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom. It just missed a crib with an infant fast asleep next to the bed. […]

PTSD – Can An Entire Country Experience It?

This holiday season I watched again “It’s A Wonderful Life”, one of my all-time favorite films, from an entirely new perspective. I had just read an article revealing that lead actor Jimmy Stewart was at the time of the filming suffering from PTSD, a condition that many of our clients have endured after living through […]